Buffer solutions

Buffer solutions for water-treatment applications


Certified quality buffer solutions guarantee superior accuracy in the calibration of measuring instruments, and SEKO is present in this field with a range of solutions to satisfy the needs of modern water-treatment professionals.


Standard conductivity solutions and pH buffers are used to calibrate the testers used for water quality control. They are essential for understanding if the equipment is calibrated and functioning correctly.


The precision and accuracy of a pH, redox or conductivity measurement are determined by the quality of a buffer solution used to calibrate the probe. Regular use of these solutions is recommended to ensure the accuracy of the instrument in each application.


The special double cap container allows users to always have a fresh and unpolluted buffer solution available. The range of buffer solutions supplied by SEKO gives the instruments high pH stability even up to five years; they are stable even when exposed to air and prevent the growth of microorganisms.

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For pH value 4.00 and 7.00Quantity 70 cc per bottle

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For pH value 4.00 / 7.00 and ORP values of +465 mVQuantity 70 cc per bottle

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For pH value 4.00 / 7.00 / 9.22Reference temperatures 25°CQuantity 250ml per bottle

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STRX 465

For ORP values of +465 mVReference temperatures 25°CQuantity 250 ml

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MS 8 for conductivity values of 84 μSMS 14 for conductivity values of 1423 μSMS 128 for conductivity values of 12880 μSReference temperatures 25°CQuantity 500 ml

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Buffer solutions

Buffer solutions

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