Kontrol 800 Tech


Kontrol 800 Tech

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RS485 serial port with Modbus protocol

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Analogue and digital outputs that can be set by the user

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For complete control of critical parameters such as pH, ORP, conductivity and flow rate in applications including cooling towers, swimming pools and wastewater treatment, professionals turn to Kontrol 800 Tech. This advanced multi-parameter water treatment control system offers double the programmable frequency and 4 – 20 mA current outputs of the Kontrol 800, with four of each, along with invaluable features such as SEKO’s “electrode quality” control function which assists in the management and replacement of measurement electrodes. Via a seven-key control pad and 20-character alphanumeric display, operators access an intuitive menu for monitoring statistics on the probe life and the controller operation along with a data logger function – supported by graphic line feedback – that monetarizes measurements, making this one of the most user-friendly systems of its kind.

Kontrol 800 Tech Technical Data Sheet