Spring MS1 PVC

Mechanical diaphragm pumps


The MS1 series offers multiple combinations of pump head and motor power that allows operators the chance to select the optimal combination appropriate to the specific application in hand.

The MS1 pumps have a spring return mechanism in a single aluminium housing. Each model works with 3 different stroke rates. Stroke lengths can be set automatically or manually using the AKTUA Kit which uses a 4 - 20 mA signal.

In addition, Spring MS1 pumps can be supplied with a single or three-phase electric motor with IP55 protection.

The MS1 12 VDC range achieves flow rates between 23 and 620 l/h at up to 16 bar.

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Spring MS1 PVC

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Pressure: 2 - 16 bar

Flow rate: 5.5 - 1200 l/h

Material of pump head: SS 316L, PVC, PP, PVDF

Spring MS1 Technical Data Sheet