PoolDose Double

Swimming pool chemical dosing system


For a complete range of measurement options in swimming pool chemical dosing, including free chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, conductivity and flocculant dosage, professional and residential users alike turn to PoolDose Double.

Featuring two peristaltic chemical pumps and integrated controller, PoolDose Double delivers automatic proportional dosing for above-ground indoor and outdoor pools up to 130 m³.

The system is available as a spa or timer version and can be ordered with a three-pump configuration where required. The included installation kit and edgeless squeeze rollers mean fitting and maintenance are as quick, safe and hassle-free as day-to-day operation of the system.
Meanwhile, the systems boasts compatibility with the SekoWeb app and online portal, meaning users can access live and historical data on demand 24/7 for unprecendented operational efficiency.
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PSS pipe in-line probe holder for easy installation of probe and chemical injection point (accessory not included)

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Easily connect device to the app by scanning a QR code

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Wi-Fi module enables unprecedented pool management via SekoWeb app

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Galvanic electrical and measure insulation

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Three PVDF rollers and Santoprene tubing

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Chlorine generator management via internal relay

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Water meter flow rate input totalises swimming pool water changes

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Multi-language menu

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Wizard probe calibration and degree of health

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Circulation pump checks “power on” flow trigger

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Input level probe checks product levels

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Proportional dosing TWM (time width modulation) mode

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Input temperature probe range 0 - 50°C for measure compensation only

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Installation kit included

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Amperometric probe include high-grade insulation

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Probe holder with amperometric chlorine probe included in pH, ORP and CL versions

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Extra dosing available thanks to pH and chlorine relay

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PoolDose Double - pH-ORP

  • pH: 0 – 14
  • ORP: 0 – 1,000 mV

PoolDose Double - pH-ORP-CL

  • pH: 1 - 14
  • ORP: 0 – 1,000 mV
  • Free chlorine: 0 -5 ppm


  • Flow rate:1.5 l/h
  • Pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Pool Size
    • Indoor 5 – 130 m³
    • Outdoor 5 – 110 m³


IP65 Enclosure

  • Dimensions: 205 x 194 x 133 mm (LxHxD)
  • Material: ABS

Main Board

  • Alphanumeric display: 16 characters x 2 lines
  • Power supply: 220 Vac, 50/60Hz

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