Side Channel Blowers Triple Impeller

Vacuum and blast air systems


These silent-running systems deliver high volumes of clean, dry air at low pressures and vacuums in a package that has no wearing parts, does not need lubrication and therefore requires virtually no maintenance.


With die-cast aluminium casing and impeller, our lightweight Side Channel Blower performs both as a compression and vacuum pump and may be installed horizontally or vertically for ease of installation and minimal footprint.


The range of applications for Side Channel Blowers is vast and includes:

  • Swimming pool and spa air blowers

  • Underwater aeration in fish farming

  • Soil remediation

  • Central vacuum cleaning systems

  • Bubbling/washing systems in food processing

  • Inflatable dams

  • Hot air dryers

  • Plastic bottle moulding 

  • Biogas transfer

  • Vacuum cutting tables

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New variable-frequency drive allows maximum performance of a common motor-driven unit to be improved by 300%

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Premium-grade NSK bearings provide extensive operational life

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Side Channel Blowers Triple Impeller

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  • Connections: 1”¼
  • Flow rate: 170 m3/h
  • Pressure: 1,050 mbar
  • Vacuum: -340 mbar
  • Motor: 3-Phase
  • Noise: 72 dBA

Side Channel Blowers Triple Impeller new asset