22nd December 2022

Kontrol 800 CT Panel for Cooling Water Treatment

The SEKO range of bespoke panels designed to provide a simple and effective way of automating the control...

The SEKO range of bespoke panels designed to provide a simple and effective way of automating the control of chemicals in cooling water treatment applications. These systems comply with the requirements for dosing to control microbiological growth, prevent corrosion and bleed off the tower as required. A selection of pump options provides maximum flexibility to cater for all cooling water treatment chemical options. These plug and play systems save valuable installation time and together with user friendly set up menu and easy maintenance, the SEKO CT systems provide an ideal solution to dosing control.

Kontrol 800 CT Panel features:

• Graphic display and Keypad 

• Simultaneous value of the measure, Temperature and Relay status. 

• 4-lines, 20-characters Alphanumeric Display. 

• Seven control keys for instrument calibration and configuration.

Enclosure Box and Power Supply 

• Wall mounting PP plastic material IP65 Box 

• Universal Power Supply 100÷240 Vac 50/60 Hz

Manual controls 

The user-friendly programming step menu makes starting up and checking the control and dosing system easily

Data logging 

Internal Flash memory to load record measures values. Type: Circular (F.I.F.O.) or Filling

RS485 Serial port 

For set-up and real-time data acquisition from remote or for stored data download on PC or laptop (Communication software SekoNet is required). MODBUS RTU communication protocol.

Measure Input 

High measuring resolution with probe quality control for pH and ORP probes.

Digital Input 

Double channel Voltage Input and Reed level Input to disable all function controller output.

Four (4) Current outputs 4÷20mA Galvanic insulation Four (4) programmable outputs proportional Measures: pH, ORP, Conductivity, Flow rate.

Four (4) Frequency Outputs • 1÷120 Pulses/Minutes open collector Insulation channel. • Four (4) independent frequency outputs proportional to the input signal from the water meter pulse sender.

Six (2) Relay Outputs 

• Four (4) independent relays with power supply dedicated for:

• pH chemical products • Chlorine by redox measure, open solenoid valve  

• Blow down function 

• Biweekly function for Algaecide product. 

• Two (2) relays dry contact for: 

• Alarm remote 

• Temperature Set point Measure. 

Integrated software functions 

• Contact Relays: ON/OFF, Timed, Proportional settings 

• Biweekly timer with six (6) programs 

• Conductivity measure to convert in Ohm or TDS units 

• Flow rate measure with permanent and resettable counter