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Let's Treat the World Better

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Our Sustainable Plan

Chemical Waste

We're committed to creating products that minimise chemical, water and energy consumption and reduce wastage. It's at the heart of everything we do for our customers.


By designing high-quality, long-lasting products with minimal consumable parts and using responsibly-sourced parts that are recyclable wherever possible, we not only reduce our own carbon footprint but also help our customers to minimise waste and achieve their own sustainability targets.


We are in the process of reducing plastic materials from our packaging, allowing customers to recycle more of their waste as we simultaneously improve our own environmental impact.


As a long-time champion of IoT and data on demand, we invest in the latest technology to connect users to their systems remotely and help them vastly reduce their travel requirement.

Working towards


Carbon Neutral

High-precision chemical dosing

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Minimising Chemical Waste

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Reducing plastic in our packaging

5-year Sustainability Review

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Paper Usage

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IoT Systems for remote management & reduced travel

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We are taking
care of our future

Large steps towards a smaller footprint.

As a global business at the forefront of water-treatment solutions for protecting Earth's most precious resource, we understand that a sustainable future must be the only future.

That's why we're creating permanent, positive change in our operations and in the applications and processes served by our products.

Let's treat the world better.

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