28th February 2023

SEKO's smart IoT solutions for pool users and engineers

With more than four decades’ experience in swimming pool chemical dosing, SEKO has introduced IoT capab...

With more than four decades’ experience in swimming pool chemical dosing, SEKO has introduced IoT capability to its pool range to redefine the limits of what was previously possible in the industry.

SEKO has achieved this by including integrated Wi-Fi hubs in many of its systems, which allow users to connect to their equipment via dedicated smartphone apps and a unique online portal.

Known as SekoLink and SekoWeb, these apps are designed specifically for end users and technicians respectively and enhance SEKO’s range of disinfection systems by enabling immediate access to user-appropriate data and settings.


For those benefitting from the luxury of a residential swimming pool, having to manage chemical dosing and water quality can be stressful and detract from enjoyment of their facility.

SEKO’s automatic dosing systems already allow users to avoid manual chlorine dosing, typically carried out by pouring from a bucket, which leaves them exposed to harsh concentrated chemical.

In addition, manual dosing is extremely inaccurate and inevitably causes chlorine levels to be under dosed – putting swimmers at risk of water-borne disease – or excessive, which puts them at risk of skin irritation or worse.

This has led to the development of the exclusive SekoLink app, which is available on both Android and iPhone devices and is fully compatible with SEKO swimming pool dosing systems such as PoolDose.

SekoLink enables users to start or pause their pool’s chemical dosing system at any time as well as view live pool temperature and health updates, allowing issues to be identified and actioned quickly.

SekoLink also sends a notification when chemical level is running low, giving the user time to order more product and ensure water quality is maintained.

By limiting but not removing the owner’s influence on their pool, SekoLink prevents vital parameters and programmes being tampered with by unqualified users while still allowing a degree of control – the perfect balance for those who want to spend more time swimming and less time maintaining their pool.


Complementing the SekoLink app is SekoWeb, SEKO’s unique online portal for professional pool and spa management designed exclusively for technicians, who access the platform simply by scanning a product’s QR code or via their online login.

For technicians used to entering uncomfortable chambers and hot plant rooms on site in order to adjust pool parameters, SekoWeb allows them to maintain safe, healthy water conditions 24/7 from any location.

This enables engineers responsible for multiple sites to monitor and manage dosing systems without the associated travel costs and environmental impact of journeys, some of which may not be necessary should equipment be functioning normally and servicing nor required.

This is especially useful for businesses such as hotel chains and leisure centre groups with sites spread nationally or even internationally, where a single technician can have immediate access to data for any installation.

By keeping on top of chemical consumption across their entire operation, managers are able to manage stock control with greater precision and budget accordingly. In addition, by analysing chemical use, engineers can identify potential system faults and schedule maintenance accordingly.

As well as revolutionising operational efficiency, the password-protected SekoWeb prevents unqualified users from altering programmes and jeopardising water quality, which could lead to risk of infection, temporary closure and loss of income.

This is particularly important at a time when the leisure industry continues to recover post-COVID, with the public still anxious about the spread of viruses in shared spaces and keen for reassurance over infection control.

In an increasingly-connected world, SEKO’s smart swimming pool and spa solutions save time, reduce costs, improve safety and make life easier – for end users and engineers alike.