For sites where space is at a premium but performance cannot be compromised


Komba is a compact base-mounted solenoid-driven digital dosing pump designed specifically for sites where space is at a premium but performance cannot be compromised.


Komba’s reliability, dosing precision, user-friendliness and ease of installation mean it represents the best solution of its kind in the market today.


Komba is available in three models, satisfying a broad range of installation needs.


  • DML is a constant dosing pump with programmable flow rate, digital interface and level input
  • DMM and the DMC are proportional dosing pumps; the DMM accepts an analogue 4-20mA signal as input, while the DMC accepts a digital frequency signal, such as one generated by a pulse-emitting water meter.
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Constant dosing at the desired flow rate

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Proportional (4-20mA input)

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Proportional (digital pulse input)

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Available with special seals in FFKM

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• Flow rate range: 3 l/h @ 10bar; 5 l/h @ 8bar
• Wetted parts: PVDF, PTFE, FFKM, EPDM, FKM-B and ceramic

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Komba Technical Data Sheet