Remote connection to SEKO pumps


KommBox and KommSpot are devices that can be physically connected to all SEKO equipment with a Modbus serial port (*), providing them an internet interface.


Essentially, KommBox and KommSpot are a gateway that acts as a hub between Modbus devices and the available internet connection.


  • KommBox can connect up to 10 ModBus devices to a WiFi or LAN channel.
  • KommSpot can instead connect a single ModBus device to a WiFi channel.


Once KommBox and KommSpot have been configured and installed, the devices can be accessed directly from the SekoWeb app or online portal from anywhere in the world by users with the appropriate credentials.


KommBox and KommSpot feature an intuitive wizard installation system for devices as they are loaded, making the process quick, simple and straightforward.


Once products have been installed, they are visible in SekoWeb. Although some SEKO devices are also available with an internal Wi-Fi module that enables their direct connection to the internet, should these devices be installed where Wi-Fi signal is inadequate then the solution would be rendered ineffective.


Therefore, SEKO also supplies versions equipped with a wired Modbus interface to which an external communication device can be connected, to be placed far from the hosting device, where the Wi-Fi signal is sufficiently strong.

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Able to manage up to 10 devices in the same wired Modbus RS485 network

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Wi-Fi board and LAN input use every available internet connection in order to send periodical data to SekoWeb

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Configurable as a hot spot for accessing the internal web server

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Internal battery for a local clock

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  • Interface: Seven-key
  • Display: Backlit three-colour screen
  • Power supply: 100 – 240V

KommBox Technical Data Sheet