Kosmo MM2 Series


Among the Kosmo pump range, the MM2 series systems provide superior dosing performance, making them suitable for the most demanding applications.


Constructed in hard-wearing metal with a cast-aluminium housing, Kosmo MM2 pumps can handle the largest output with flow rates as high as 2,300 l/h, at pressures up to 10 bar.


As with all SEKO pumps Kosmo is designed using materials chosen for their robustness and chemical compatibility and is conceived to work for long periods of continuous operation thanks to the benefits derived from its variable eccentric system.


SEKO’s Kosmo PTFE diaphragm is directly linked to the mechanism’s moving parts, meaning Kosmo makes use of the motor’s power both in the suction and delivery phases which allows it to deal with high suction head conditions.


All components feature permanent lubrication, using ball bearings for the principal moving parts to help prevent overheating and extend pump life with the added benefit of quiet-running operation.

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