Kronos 65

Peristaltic dosing pump


Kronos 65 is available in the FM model, which features proportional dosage and accepts an analogue 4-20mA signal or a digital frequency signal such as that generated by a pulse-emitting water meter. The pump then doses at a flow rate proportional to this signal, according to the programmed ratio.


The user can also configure the pump in constant mode and, in this case, the pump will dose at the programmed flow rate in the presence of an external activation trigger.


The pump is equipped with a powerful stepper motor and is provided with a 65mm peristaltic head. The integrated “Tube Break Alarm” mechanism is able to identify chemical leakage inside the peristaltic head and block dosage.


The durable ABS case with IP65 protection allows the pump to be used even in applications where it may be subject to small water splashes or dust.

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Direct driven stepper motor

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Santoprene peristaltic tubing

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PTFE rollers mounted on ball bearings

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Intuitive digital interface: 7 keys and a 2x16 LCD display

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FM: Proportional dosing with 4-20mA/pulse input

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Wall-mounting bracket

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  • Flow rate: 25 l/h - 0.1 bar
  • Tube: Santoprene
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Kronos 65 Technical Data Sheet