Spring PS2

Plunger piston pumps


The PS2 series piston dosing pump also offers multiple combinations of pump head and motor power that enables it to adapt to a large number of applications with its ability to alter its hydraulic characteristics thanks to a larger piston size and longer stroke length, which allows flow rate and power to change.


Like PS1, PS2 pumps have a spring-loaded mechanism in an aluminium housing, and each model can be configured with 2 different stroke rates. Stroke lengths can be set automatically or manually using the AKTUA Kit which uses a 4 - 20 mA signal.


PS2 pumps are supplied as standard with a 3 phase electric motor, though a single-phase is available on request, both with IP55 protection.

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Two stroke rates

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3-phase motor

Other Models for

Spring PS2


Spring MS1 PVC

Spring PS1

Spring PS2 HP

Spring MSV

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Pressure: 5 - 20 bar

Flow rate: 40 - 1000 l/h

Material of pump head: SS 316L

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Spring PS2 Technical Data Sheet