Kronos 50

Peristaltic dosing pumps


As with Kronos 65, Kronos 50 is equipped with a stepper motor that provides infinitely adjustable (0.01 - 100%) silent dosing.


Advanced technology and materials mean the various models can reach flow rates of up to 15 l/h (at 0.1 bar) and can dose at backpressures up to 4 bar with a special HP-San tube.


Kronos 50's vast range of application uses includes:


  • Potable water treatment (injection of coagulants, flocculating agents, sodium hypochlorite, lime slurry, acid, bases, caustic soda and activated carbon)
  • Domestic or industrial wastewater treatment
  • Cooling water treatment
  • Chemical treatment, electrolytic (electroplating) treatments: addition of degreasing agents, cleaning agents, nickel electroplating and chemical nickel plating, copper plating and tinning
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Manual mode

Constant dosing

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4 - 20 mA mode

Proportional dosing

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PPM mode

Concentration dosing

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1:N mode

Speed up dosing

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N:1 mode

Speed down dosing

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Batch mode

Setting dosing

Other Models for

Kronos 50

Kronos 20

Kronos 65

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• Flow rate: up to 15 l/h
• Backpressure: up to 4 bar
• Tube: Santoprene - SekoExtra - SekoMed - SekoFort - HP-San

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Kronos 50 Technical Data Sheet