Probes for Inductive conductivity

Professional inductive conductivity probes


The inductive sensor has been engineered to produce a low-cost product without sacrificing performance or quality. The result has been obtained by moulding the sensor using fibreglass-polypropylene. 

This advanced instrument is used in a variety of applications including wastewater, ammonia, brine application, CIP and cooling water treatment.

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S411 IND

Manufactured in fibre-reinforced polypropylene

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  • Measuring range: 1000 μS – 1 Simens
  • Process temperature: 0 – 60 °C
  • Pressure range (relative to ambient): 0 – 6 Bar
  • Cell constant: 10 cm¯¹ or K=0.1
  • Body material: PVC 
  • Electrodes material: SS316L
  • Cable: 5 metres
  • Mechanical connection: ½ Gas M